Lawn Treatment Programme

Our Maidstone lawn treatments will give you a stunning lawn!

Get the lawn you've always dreamt of with our seasonal lawn treatments, available throughout Maidstone. 

By being independent we can offer a truly bespoke treatment service, and will only undertake treatments when the weather conditions and temperature are suitable.


Early Spring Lawn Treatment

We will treat your lawn with a specially formulated granular fertiliser which is formulated for use in cooler temperatures, to encourage strong growth and deep colour.

A selective herbicide is also applied for the control of broad leafed weeds.

Early Summer Treatment

Our early summer fertiliser feeds and nourishes the lawn, encouraging a thick sward, good green colour and healthy growth. This granular fertiliser is specially coated to prevent scorching by slowly releasing the Nitrogen into the ground. We will also assess and spot treat any emerging and stubborn weeds.

Late Summer Treatment

We apply a controlled release fertiliser that will continue to nourish the grass plant and strengthen the turf to protect it against certain lawn diseases, and will help with the growth. We will also apply selective herbicide to any weeds that are remaining.

Autumn Treatment

Our Nitrogen Free feed during the Autumn gives a long lasting green colour and boosted health. It hardens off the root system of the grass, making it more durable for the winter season.

Winter Moss Treatment

An Iron based liquid treatment effectively kills of moss spores, reducing competition with the grass and allowing water to penetrate the soil.


Due to our seasons being very erratic every year, we will closely monitor your lawn and may also recommend other treatment as needed.

Lawn Care from GB Turf, BexleyFor lawn care, lawn treatments, and turf maintenance in Maidstone and surrounding areas, call us today for your FREE lawn survey and quote.

A lush, healthy, green lawn is a great asset and stunning feature in a garden.

We use various treatments and techniques to improve and maintain your lawn to an amazing standard.

Our experienced lawn technicians are fully trained and qualified to apply professional lawn care products that are not available to the general public or unlicensed companies. When properly applied in the right quantities, they will give you a vibrant, healthy , dark green lawn that will be the envy of everyone who sees it.

Our treatments are far superior to those available in the shops, and once dry it is safe for cats, dogs and children to use the lawn.
Having built up many years of knowledge and hands on experience in the turf and lawn care industry, we are able to diagnose and remedy any existing or occurring issues with your lawn.

Thatch build up, compaction, poor aeration or surface drainage, disease or pest infestation will all cause your grass to struggle, giving weeds the chance to take over.

Our lawn care programmes often work out cheaper than attempting to treat the lawn yourself, and you have the reassurance that the correct product has been professionally applied in the correct quantity.

Please call us today to arrange a free lawn survey and see how we can improve and effectively manage your lawn: 01622 535747.

We provide professional lawn treatments and lawn care in:

ME1, Rochester
ME2, Cuxton, Halling, Strood
ME6, Snodland
ME14, ME15, Bearsted, Detling, Grove Green, Maidstone, Weavering
ME16, Allington, Barming
ME17, Boughton Monchelsea, Chart, Coxheath, Hollingbourne, Hucking, Harrietsham, Lenham, Linton
ME18, Mereworth, Teston
ME19, Birling, East Malling, Kings Hill, West Malling
ME20, Aylesford, Larkfield


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