Wildflower Turf Laying

Wildflower Turf supplied and laid by GB Turf.

Wildflower Turf gives your garden a beautiful lawn with plenty of colour.

GB Landscapes Ltd are proud to be Kent’s accredited installer for Wildflower Turf™ the UK’s leading grower of wild flower meadow and border turf, who provided the turf used at the opening ceremony at London’s 2012 Olympic games.

Specially developed to give instant results, without the difficulties and near impossible task of trying to establish a wildflower meadow from seed, our wildflower turf will grow on virtually any soil type, even the poor quality soils often encountered around Kent where many years of building and development work has left the soil contaminated with various debris.

Wildflower turf is supplied ready established, with a thick matting of roots that will act as a natural weed blanket and quickly anchor into the soil, even taking well on steep banks. The vibrant, colourful flowers will provide stunning natural beauty in any garden or open space, attracting bees, butterflies and other important pollinators. The grasses present in the wildflower turf also provide a great bio-diverse habitat supporting a great range of creatures which will attract other wildlife and birds to your garden.

We are able to create stunning perennial borders and beds using wildflower turf, with native only flower turf to meet specifications on certain projects and areas, and also available with nonnative species included to add even more variety and colour.

This is the ultimate in low maintenance turf! It will need watering when first laid until well rooted, and in periods of very dry weather, and only cut once in the Autumn once the seeds have dispersed. The cuttings must then be collected, this will give an abundance of vibrant, healthy flowers year on year.

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